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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 1, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. >> all work is on target. we're still showing a 5:00 a.m. opening on tuesday. >> right on schedule. work on the bay bridge is going according to plan though there is still one more day to deal with busy bay area congestion. good evening. the new eastern span of the bay bridge is expected to open for the tuesday morning commute. we see the immense project that has come together after years of planning and construction. abc 7 news reporter has a closer look at what's being done this
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weekend. >> out with the old. in with the new. workers finish hacking apart a section of the old span so they can install the bike and pedestrian path. it should be open to cyclists tuesday at noon. and webber discovered the path by accident today and quickly left because she didn't want to get into trouble. but she'll be back. >> i'll be happy to go on the bay bridge, just to see how spectacular the new bridge is and to see the view. it is really going to be exciting. i can't wait to go. >> workers finished sand blasting and power washing the tounlier about a buena island. they spent the day putting asphalt and striping around the toll plaza. tomorrow afternoon there will be a ceremonial chain cutting and procession with antique cars. it will feature several hundred vips including folks who are around for the original bay bridge dedication, 75 years ago. as well as those who came to the rescue when part of the span collapsed during the loma prieta
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quake. >> dignitaries and people of note are being added almost as we speak. and there will also be a special guest. >> that's being kept a secret. the event will not be open to the public. lieutenant governor gavin newsome is set to do the honors because governor brown is at a family if you know in michigan. although transportation officials say there is a chance the governor could return. for now, caltrans says the bridge will open on schedule tuesday at 5:00 a.m. and not the night before. >> we don't want the public planning for some phantom earlier poepg may never come to pass. they should plan their morning commutes. plan their return trips from their holiday weekend vacation based on a 5:00 a.m. opening. >> reporter: caltrans plans to give a warning of self hours before it announces when it will officially open up the then thep to get any debris off the road deck and then entrance ramps will be open one at a time.
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abc 7 news. >> bay area commuters found ways around the bridge. that means places like the golden gate bridge were quite busy. this is a view from our bridge cam earlier this afternoon. people turned to b.a.r.t. for alternative transportation. yesterday b.a.r.t. saw the second busiest saturday in the city's history. trains are running 24 hours a day through 1:00 tuesday morning. ferries were also packed. the golden gate ferry reports more than 3,000 more riders turned to their boats yesterday compared to last saturday. ferries to and from the east bay were considerably busier. our reporters are taking pictures of the work being done. there was a picture showing the crews installing the new temporary bike lane. for more pictures, follow him on twitter. for all of our bay bridge and breaking news jump dates on twitter, follow us at abc 7 news bay area. the response to the rim fire in the sierra has cost $60 million and it could burn another two weeks.
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the fire is now the fourth big oldest record in california burning, it is the fourth biggest on record. firefighters have it 40% contained. it has destroyed 11 homes and nearly 100 buildings total. cloudy skies and higher humidity today are hoping slow the fire's spread. a park spokesperson said it is starting to thin out. thanks to some alert deer hunters, a cloverdale man has been taken into custody on suspicion of starting a series of grass fires. early this morning, deer hunters spotted a plume of smoke coming from the hills. soon after, smoke began rising from another spot and the hunters knew something was wrong. >> and i asked my buddy, i said i didn't hear no dry lightning. so after that we started watching. then we saw the fire flaring. >> from the first fire. >> then a couple minutes later we seen a guy and a dog come down on the road. he grabbed a pile of brush. walked to the side of the road
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and started another fire. >> the hunters confronted the man, and they held him until authorities arrived. novak has been connected to two grass fires. veteran british broadcaster has died. he was best nope for his series of telling interviews with richard nixon during watergate. he was on a contracts when he suffered a heart attack. he was 74 years old. the obama administration is gearing up for the biggest foreign policy vote since the iraq war. administration officials argued sunday that new physical evidence shows the syrian government used deadly sarin gas on civilians. the president wants to punish syria for the attack. how far, as abc news reporter larry jacobs reports, he wants congressional support. >> it is now up to congress to back president barack obama's plan to use force against syria over its use of chemical weapons against its own people. >> i feel terrible about the
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chemical weapons that have been used. >> but opinions differ on the best way to punish bashar al assad. >> we want him to be accountable. we want consequences. is that just going to war? is that bombing? is that killing more people? >> sunday afternoon the obama administration send a high powered team to capitol hill to show classified documents to more 100 lawmaker from the house and the senate to help convince them to vote yes on a military strike. >> it is far from settled. it is not something that should be undertaken lightly. >> secretary of state john kerry on abc's this week defended the president's doigs unleash u.s. fire power citing new evidence from first responder that poison gas killed hundreds of syrian civilians. >> we cannot allow assad to be able to gas people with impunity. and i believe the congress of the united states will understand that and do the right thing. >> what if the votes aren't there? will the president act any way? >> the president of the united states has the right to take this action. he doesn't have to go to
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congress. >> if i hear you correctly, you're saying the president will act no matter what. >> no, i said the president has the right to act. >> will he? >> george, we are not going to lose this vote. >> that vote will occur after congress returns on september 9th. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. still ahead, why some people who use cal train will have to spend more on their daily commute. plus, what scientists found on mars that could point to life in the planet's future. and why a solution to jet lag could be found in a milk. and we still have a chance have a few light sprin
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commuters parking at cal trains stations have to fork over an extra dollar. starting today it will cost you $5 and monthly parking is now $50. that's up $10. the 25% increase is needed to cover the increased cost of maintaining the parking lots. caltra says it has raised prices just once since 2005. the white house is giving the cold shoulder to atherton. they asked for reimbursement for president obama's fundraising events in april. they are recommending the town absorb the cost. it is one of the bay area's most affluent communities. sam sung could show off its new smart watch this week. pictures from tech blog venture beat shows what it is expected to look like. a source said it will feature a display about three inches wide. it will have a camera, internet access and speakers. apple and sony are working on
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similar devices. they will introduce the smart watch wednesday. up next, what nasa scientists hope to find on a trip to the moon this fall. and the tops y turvy weathe settles in. the americans, trai
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nasa is going back to the moon this week. an unmanned probe is scheduled to take off this friday. it will search for water molecule in the moon's
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atmosphere and gather information about lunar dust to see if it helps account for the moon's glow. this was the final mission for the moon. some in congress want to see a manned mission back to the moon. moving past the moon to mars which researchers now say chock full of a key chemical in life. the planet has up to ten times more phosphate than earth according to the roes. this serves as the back bone of dna. they believe it was critical to the origin of life on earth. the discovery of moss fate on mars adds to the speculation as to whether the re planet once had life. the problem of jet life may be solved in the near future thanks to mice. researchers in england and switzerland have found a mechanism in rodents. that mechanism in the brain gets in the way of the ability to adjust to patterns of light and dark. when it was blocked, mice
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recovered faster from what scientists call a form of mouse jet lag. if that same mechanism can be found and blocked in humans, jet lag could be a thing of the past. >> that would be nice! >> that would be awesome. >> lee is here with weather. we're into september. we're feeling like summer. >> we are still feeling like summer. we will definitely feel like summer into the workweek. we're showing you the clouds. boy, they've been with us off and on all day long. did you see the last two frame? right here, here, there we go. a little moisture. i don't think it was reaching the ground. nonetheless, some of this moisture will be streaming in across the bay area early tomorrow morning. we'll take you out a little bit. and a lot of that thunderstorm activity that was in southern california pretty much dissolved today so we'll keep a close eye on that. especially if you have travel plans there tomorrow. here is a look at the highs tomorrow. 90 in antioch. check out san francisco. you warm to 66.
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84 in santa rosa. a beautiful shot from our east bay cam looking toward the new section of the bay bridge there. san francisco right now, 64. would you check out oakland, still at 70 degrees this hour. san jose, 67. here is a very overcast and a little bit of a patchy dense fog on the golden gate bridge. concord at 71 degrees. here's a look at our forecast highlights. we'll continue with increasing clouds. the fog will be at the coast and the bay. a sun cloud mixed for labor day monday. with just a slight chance of maybe an early morning sprinkle. the radar satellite composite showing you the area of low pressure here. is this system along with higher pressure that is really hoping the generate some of that moisture. here is a look at the timing for you. 11:00 tonight, you'll notice the clouds are with the bay area. check out what happens tomorrow morning. that's 5:00 a.m. overcast conditions.
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maybe some dense fog, might need to call ahead to make sure you don't have any delays at the airport. look at 9:00 a.m. a little swath of light moisture moves in. this 10:00 a.m., you'll notice mainly south bay and the east bay. the north bay, doesn't look like you'll see much of anything. you're in the sunshine. the rest of the bay area in that thin cover. the clouds will drape themselves over san francisco until 6:00 will tomorrow. if you're heading to sausalito by noontime, squoer some clouds. 3:00, you should break out into a little sunshine. your high, about 68 degrees. lows tonight, 60s inland. 50s elsewhere. here a look at the highs for monday. 85, antioch, 60 for half moon bay. san francisco, 66 degrees. 80 for san rafael as well as napa. but check out, 83 degrees. cloverdale, 84. we'll shoot down the peninsula. palo alto, you may see a sprinkle or two tomorrow. your high, 77 degrees.
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the seven-day forecast, coastal clouds for tuesday. get ready for a nice warm up wednesday and thursday. 80s near the bay. 60s at the coast. and then the heat is on. friday and saturday, mid to upper 90s. in the east bay. warm 80s around the bay and close to 70 on saturday near the coast. >> thank you so much. >> she was checking in with sports a's. >> the a's swept tampa bay before the american leading rangers come to town tomorrow. texas the loser today so the a's are only a game back in the west. they raised more than $61,000 today for breast cancer awareness. coco crisp leading off the first. the sixth home run in the last 11 game. seven innings, one run, seven strikeouts. got some help from the defense. desmond jennings. steven vogt tag meyers out at home. the bottom half of the inning. vogt, go, steve!
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the third home run of the season. the a's go up 3-1. they are now one back heading into the series with the 5-1 victory sweeping the rays. >> i think we're excited. we feel like we've been playing good ball. and we're excited to get to the ballpark every day. and you know, like i said, we're feeling good. we're in a good groove right now and we're looking to keep it going. >> john is playing spoiler today in arizona. six innings, allowed two runs. on seven hits. he had a clear high 10 ks. hector sanchez, three rbis on the day. of two them on the double in the fourth. 3-1 g-men. 95th, hunter pence, his team leading the 17th home run of the year. two rbi day for hunter. the giants take two out of three in this series. serena put the brakes. she showed the fellow american, she is still the queen of the
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court. serena repaid the 5 today. arthur ashe stadium. serena won 6-4 and then cruised five straight game to finish. she can't get back in this one. serena is 4-1. the 20-year-old stephens was not there for the second set as she air mail it into the crowd. serena won the break point and served now for the match on. match point, steven finds the bottom of the net. she advances to the quarter finals for the 11th time in 14 years. with a straight set 56 rirk looking for the 17th major title. >> it is definitely difficult. especially playing people that you like. and that you always want to see do well. but you have to go out there and put that to the side. myself, take every point as it come. >> third round, the defending champion. last year's u.s. open was his first ever major victory and he
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is 29 and 2 over the grand slam tournament. he moves on to the round of 16 in straight sets. hewitt and djokovic moving on. the raiders surprised us all, keeping two punters in the final roster cuts but today they released chris cluey. they released the fourth round pick. tyler wilson was beat out. third round of the deutsche bank championships, 46-year-old steve stricker right up there after shooting an 8 under 63. including this birdie on 15. he is three back. and always in convention. the birdie put on 11 puts him at second. twoes back of sergio garcia. who shot a six under 65. 9 under on the tournament. heading into the unusual monday final round. nascar and georgia for the 500. a rough night for jeff burton.
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he finished 34st. kyle bush led the final 35 laps. he takes checkered flag for his 4th 56 rift year. coming up, 11 more for the u.s. open. will. next on the abc 7 news at 9:00, why researchers are spending the weekend observing fantasy fanatics in their natural habitat. the dragon congaming convention. and back to school in the bay area means alarm clocks are being set earlier and earlier. you can downled to free smart you can downled to free smart phone app.Ășo unbelievable.
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>> coming up, the countdown to the bay bridge opening is on. tonight what you need to know before you get behind the wheel on the new eastern span. and the newest craigslist trend. the bizarre item that is popping up for sale online. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. more than 50,000 people invaded atlanta this weekend for a one of a kind event. dragon com is one of the biggest conventions in the world. it features a parade of players which are people who dress up in costumes. this year they are being studied for their choice of the unique hobby. professors from east tennessee state will try to guess why they dress up. they want to find out why they try to identify with fictional characters.
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>> we won't be in costume, i don't think, the three of us. how about weather? >> the weather, not too bad. we'll see some clouds tomorrow. definitely. but just a slight chance of maybe a few sprinkles. maybe a light shower. that would start around 8:30, 9:00. and really the peninsula all the way toward the east bay. it won't last too long. it should be out of here by 11:00. i don't think it will ruin your plans. if you're looking for sun, head to the north bay. more sun and clouds. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we clear it up. by next friday, we'll be talking about temperature near 100. >> wow! toasty again. >> thank you for joining us. we're back at 11:00.
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>> this is a show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. some call it crazy. some call it a story. everyone calls it "bloopers." let's go. i am dean cain, and this is "bloopers." sometimes, we'd get bored with the 4000 established sports we sometimes, we'd get bored with the 4000 established sports we have, so we created the homemad


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